Bay Watch

A multi – cuisine restaurant is set amidst the elegant landscaping Beach View to provide a truly memorable dining experience. At Bay Watch, we offer a wide variety of dishes to captivate your taste buds for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

THOTTAM (Garden)

We also have a special dining area for private gatherings and meetings adjoining our restaurant – THOTTAM (Garden). We pride ourselves for the perfect blend of aesthetic ambience, impeccable service and delicious cuisine

PULSE – Coffee Lounge

PULSE – Coffee Lounge with enchanting view of Sea Waves pulsating you serves with smoothing Mocktails and Beats of the DJ Tempting your emotion to dance on the mind Bugling Dance floor.

TASSHA - The Spa

TASSHA - The Spa, Ayurvedic Aromatic Herbal massage, Health club, Swimming pool to Burn out the extra Calories and Make you feel Recharged.